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Anonymous Customer Feedback From Our Latest Course

Our latest course ran last Sunday.

Often people will hand out satisfaction surveys on the day, the danger with this is that you run the risk of getting scores that aren’t quite accurate as the attendee is probably still on a high after the course or may feel under pressure to write something overtly positive.

With this in mind we tend to wait 48 hours and then send out a survey via email which can be answered anonymously.

Here are the results of our latest survey Positive Mental Attitude Course of Hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotist Christ Fleet has years of experience of helping people in Paignton, South Devon

Very satisfied with course  5/5
Informative   5/5
Course met my expectations   4.8 / 5
Rating of Instructor   4.8 / 5
Good Value for Money  4.6 / 5
Location and Materials   4.2 / 5
80% of attendees said they were likely to recommend a friend.

Some of the comments left from last weekend.
Excellent day.
Loved it, informative and fun.

I think it will really help me going forward.
Can’t wait for the next one
Thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable.
Time flew.
Really enjoyed the course and know it will be very helpful.
Presented well
Informative and enjoyable day.

What’s next?

Our next course is a weekend course and runs over the weekend of the 19th and 20th November. Attendees will gain a certificate in hypnosis as well as learning how to hypnotise others using a variety of techniques such as progressive inductions, rapid inductions and instant (stage style) inductions.

Click here to learn more about the Certification weekend.

If you’re interested in learning a new skill and gaining a certificate in hypnosis please fill our the form below and we will get back to you.

Contact Chris Fleet

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WIN Your Place on our weekend certification course!

Why hypnosis isn’t relaxation..

“And just allow relaxation to take you deeper and deeper.”

As a hypnotherapy trainer, the above statement and focus on relaxation makes me feel uncomfortable.


Many hypnotherapists work purely on positive suggestions whilst the client is in a state of relaxation. Sometimes this is absolutely fine, the problem is that many hypnotherapists don’t even  check to see if their client is actually in hypnosis. They see the client is relaxed so assume they’re in hypnosis so don’t bother to test to see. Either they’re scared check (what happens if they’re not?) or don’t know how to – it generally stems from either bad training or lack of confidence.

There certainly are times when it is useful to relax people down to the point where they feel they can drift away and the critical part of their brain wanders off, but that brings it’s own problems which we will discuss later.

The thing is, sometimes “relaxatherapy” simply isn’t appropriate.

Lets just suppose someone came in suffering with an emotional problem such as anger. Learning relaxation would be useful but would it necessarily override the rush of emotion that makes someone just lose it and act before thinking?

Well, after almost 14 years in practice I find the answer is sometimes – but not always…

Some people have spent so much of their life in a state of tension that they find it incredibly difficult to relax, others may be very analytical with active minds that quickly get bored with the whole relaxation process, and some people may think

“This relaxation is all very nice but am I hypnotised?”

It’s that last bit, “am I hypnotised” that can kill a session in it’s tracks, the client can leave wondering just whether or not they really were in a state of hypnosis, and if the therapist didn’t test them then how does either the therapist or the client know for sure? Whether they were hypnotised or not the critical mind can then begin to assert itself and decide that no, I was fully awake and aware so therefore I wasn’t in hypnosis.

What about if you told the client their hand was stuck to their leg and they simply couldn’t shift it for love nor money? Once that state occurs then the critical mind would have a much easier job accepting hypnosis. And sometimes relaxatherapy just isn’t strong enough to do that ….

Contact Chris Fleet

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Hypnotherapy Training

Have you ever thought about hypnotherapy Training? hypnotherapy training

5 Reasons to become a Hypnotherapist

  • Job satisfaction is the first….. Often clients come to a hypnotherapist as a last result.  Imagine the feeling a hypnotherapist gets when a person regains control and hope in their lives and thanks you for changing not only their lives but the lives of those connected to them who benefit from seeing their relative change their outlook from negative to positive.
  • Enabling someone to overcome their obstacles and make positive steps forward makes you as a therapist proud at what you have achieved.
  • Effectively you are self-employed so you make all your own decisions including working to your own time scale. No one tells you what to do and when and you could specialise in certain areas of interest.
  • Hypnosis is a great adjunct to many career paths including nursing, counselling, teaching etc.
  • Financially independent and can begin making money right away. Payment is between £50-£150 in some cases and Start-up costs can be relatively low as you can work from home, do home visits or join a clinic.
  • Joy and satisfaction of having your own business and a good reputation.
Hypnotherapy Training
Chris Fleet Hypnotist

5 reasons to train with the Devon School of Hypnotherapy

  • Experience – Your trainer, Chris has been a hypnotherapist since 2002 and in full time practice since 2004 seeing up to 30 clients a week in his successful clinic.
  • PTLLS – Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. Chris has completed teacher training in order to be able to deliver high quality and well thought out hypnotherapy training programmes all designed to give you the best possible start.
  • Understanding – Chris began his career in hypnotherapy after a loved one became emotionally ill so has a deep understanding of the problems many people face in life. His own history is quite colourful so has been through quite a lot himself and can usually understand where people are coming from
  • Down to earth – Chris is a bricklayer by trade this means that he is no nonsense and down to earth. He doesn’t bother with wishy-washy techniques and teaches recognised and effective techniques.
  • Easy payment plans – Apart from one day courses which are very cheap anyway all hypnotherapy training courses can be paid for by instalments.


5 motrainingre reasons to train with the Devon School of Hypnotherapy

  • Experience, after 13 years in practice Chris has come across all sorts from those that are very easily hypnotised through to those that are much more of a challenge.
  • Chris undertakes regular hypnotherapy training each year believing it is imperative to keep increasing his skills. As a leading hypnotherapist his vast amount of knowledge, depth and expertise enriches the learning experience of any student.
  • We emphasize friendly, personalised attention in an intimate, supporting setting
  • Many past students are making a successful and rewarding living as hypnotherapists.
  • Practice sessions, Chris encourages practice sessions in the clinic outside of classroom hours and is usually on hand to give advice and help

Do you know people who say “It’s impossible”?

How many times do you say “It’s impossible”?

Let me tell you a true story about a client of mine who thought that almost everything she tried was impossible. I’ve changed the clients name because she may get embarrassed by the praise I’m about to give her so let’s call her Doreen.

Doreen came to see me over a year ago now, she was in a huge rut, nothing ever went right for her, the job centre were trying to push her into any old job even though she has a degree. Her history was that of a very tough childhood and wayward teenage years. Her favourite word (and my least favourite word) was ‘impossible’. “It’s impossible, I can’t do it.” Seemed to be her favourite expression.positive

The poor woman was so tense and scared of life that sometimes she couldn’t even breathe properly. She would quite often stay in bed all morning until lunchtime just because she had nothing to do. It’s probably fair to say that she was a mess. Now when people think something is impossible it quite often becomes so. I tried all sorts of techniques, progressive relaxation didn’t work because in her mind it was ‘impossible’ for her to relax. I tried rapid inductions, snap or shock inductions, the lot. It didn’t work because it was ‘impossible’ in her mind.

I don’t like to charge for things that I don’t deliver so  she was getting reduced and often free sessions which wasn’t the best move on my part – but that’s for another blog another day.

One day I tried another technique, I explained that we weren’t going to do any hypnosis, any visualisation (because that was impossible too) in fact all we were going to do was use her imagination. “But I don’t have any imagination.” she cried. I was ready for this and explained that if she could imagine things going horribly wrong for her (which she often did) then she did have imagination and plenty of it.

And so the transformation began, we imagined a beach (corny I know, but hey-ho). She imagined going for a swim in the sea, it was as though she could breathe underwater and she followed the sea bed, deeper and deeper, and deeper still. Everything was calm and relaxed, and still …….

impossibleAs the session progressed we did some convincers to let both her and I know that she was in a state of hypnosis and further sessions went swimmingly (excuse the pun).

A friend of mine needed someone to help out once or twice a week in his office so I suggested that maybe Doreen did this, initially she said it was impossible, she couldn’t do it, but then she began to help out as a volunteer. When the job centre told her she had to take a cleaning job or face having her benefits cut she worked for him twice a week. He is so grateful for Doreen’s help that rarely a week goes by when he doesn’t thank both her and I, she is now not only an integral part of his team but Doreen has another paid role elsewhere, if anything she has got too busy recently.

Doreen still pops along now and again for a top up but guess what?  She’s not said the “I” word to me for a long, long time now. Because the truth is that things may be hard but they’re rarely completely impossible.

Can hypnosis be a Tinnitus treatment

What do you know about tinnitus treatment?

The medical profession generally understand that hypnotherapy is believed to be a tinnitus treatment but more research is needed.

I currently have four clients on my books suffering with tinnitus and all have responded differently. Yesterday though was the most dramatic….

The person in question has had tinnitus for over 20 years and was told by the hospital 10 or more years ago that he would just have to ‘live with it’ at which point he gave up hope of ever being able to control it.treatment for tinnitus

His wife bought him three sessions with me for Christmas and to say that he turned up a bit sceptical is probably the understatement of the year. The first session went ok but not great although the client maybe had a misconstrued idea of what hypnosis was – due in part to seeing some stage stuff.

The second session was a bit better but still no change and then yesterday he came in saying that the last week had been worse than ever describing it as a full on shriek that kept him awake til 1.30am.

Actually rather than be dismayed that was music to my ears (excuse the pun) as it meant things were shifting. An hour after coming in saying that it was worse than ever the client left saying that for the first time in over 20 years it had completely gone from one ear and greatly reduced in the other. We sat and talked a bit and 20 minutes later it was still the same. The look of shock and bemusement on this guy’s face was quite a sight but the look of wonder was more than money could ever buy.

How did he manage to use hypnosis as a tinnitus treatment?

Most of the real work was done in the two previous sessions (there’s a reason I ask people to book in for three) and during the pre-talk of yesterday’s session where certain suggestions were subliminally put to him. Once in hypnosis those suggestions were reinforced and a few visualisation techniques used, he seemed to struggle with these but it’s so important to remember the horse and rider analogy that we don’t need to worry about his conscious mind and above all believe in yourself and your abilities.

If you want to know more either as a client or learn how to help others then check out the rest of my website, it’s packed full of information.

Contact Chris Fleet

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Self Awareness Days

Mind Works

What is a self awareness day?

Are you wondering what self awareness days are all about? Okay, let’s have a look….

First of all it’s an extremely interesting day and we try to make it as much fun as possible too. That’s the main thing. It is fun… and it is informative. By the mid morning break you will already have your own mind opened to how your own mind works. It’s pretty amazing really. Just like your mind is!

Following on from there, you will start to explore some of the most common thinking errors which we all make. And yes, we all make them so there is no need to be hard on yourself. How many times have you spent hours thinking ‘wouldn’t it be awful if……’ Through this course you will learn how to rationalize negative thoughts and ‘all or nothing’ thinking.

And can you imagine having someone on your shoulder nagging you or giving you a hard time, all of the time? Yes, you would son get fed up with it wouldn’t you? Yet when we do it for ourselves (and we all do!) we just accept it. This inner dialogue is then reflected in our behaviour, but through the course you will learn how to recognise your own nagging voices and how to change how you react to them.

So what sort of people come along for the day?

Well people probably just like you! People from all backgrounds and all walks of life who want to improve the way they look at their life.

It is such an excellent, value-for-money day. You will have fun, meet new people, and go away feeling enlightened and empowered.  And what’s more, if you are interested in becoming a full time hypnotherapist, this is the perfect starting place to discover this fascinating discipline.

Want to find out more…. look at our next course coming up here 


Top tips to enjoy silence

Silence is golden – or is it?

When was the last time you sat in silence for more than 20 minutes?hypnotherapy

Our commute to work, the school run, doing the housework, watching a film, listening to the radio these are all noise filled activities.

Sometimes we demand that external stimuli just to quieten down our internal self talk. Some people become workaholics because they don’t want to face up to certain aspects of their lives, some people delude themselves that everything is absolutely fine when in fact their life is falling down around themselves so they keep busy to avoid the silence, because in the silence our thoughts begin to turn over ……..

However there are ways to enjoy and revel in silence – simply by becoming aware.

Try these tips to enjoy your own company more

  • hypnotherapy trainingFocus on your surroundings – with every out-breath say to yourself (silently) “right now I’m aware of” and then complete the sentence to yourself.
  • Begin to notice your breath – when was the last time you really paid attention to your breathing? Begin to notice the difference in air temperature when you breathe in through your nose compared to when you breathe out. See if you can feel the air entering and leaving your body, can you notice the rise and fall of your stomach or the rise and fall of your chest?
  • Smile to yourself – imagine somebody just told you something wonderful, perhaps someone saying they loved you or that you had done something exceptionally well.
  • Spread that smile throughout your body – I know, I know …. It sounds odd, but you know how some people have really smiley eyes? Well with your eyes closed just imagine that the thing that made you smile in the 1st place had made your eyes twinkle with pleasure – even though your eyes are closed. Once you’ve mastered that then you can learn to smile into yourself. You can then go on to smile into your work, your relationships any aspect of your life that you choose.
  • Notice how your body feels – when we get stressed or worried our body tends to hunch forward causing tension in our muscles, all too often we don’t even notice this tension until it’s too late. By becoming aware of how our bodies are feeling we can alleviate this tension before it gets too bad.
  • Visualise – How do you want to be? How do you want others to see you? By imagining yourself how you want to be and how you want others to see you you’re giving your subconscious mind a road map.

Hypnotherapy Training Offer From New Devon School of Hypnotherapy

A very special hypnotherapy training offer especially for you

We would like to offer you a very special Early Bird offer on our Certificate Course in January

During the weekend of the 24th and 25th of January 2015 the New Devon School of Hypnotherapy will be training you how to learn hypnosis.

Reserve your place today and get either a free hypnotherapy session with Chris, a free massage or a free laser-Lipo session with one of our resident masseurs on either a Wednesday or a Friday.

We require a deposit of £40.00 to reserve your seat then either 3 monthly payments of £48.33 or if you prefer to get the early bird discount a single payment of £125.00 by the end of December.

Mind WorksWhat will you learn?

  • How to use the the main types of inductions, progressive, rapid and instant
  • How to use hypnosis to help others.
  • Whether you think you have it in you to become a hypnotherapist?
  • A further insight into hypnosis and the hypnotic phenomena.
  • How to hypnotise (almost) anyone, (almost) anywhere.
  • What to do when people won’t go under hypnosis.

If any of the above seems of interest to you then just fill out the contact form below and book your place.


The full cost of the weekend course is £185.00 and is payable in 3 installments a down-payment of £40.00 ensures your place on the course and then 3 monthly installments of £48.33 to finish payment. Alternatively you can save £20.00 by paying a deposit of £40.00 and then a one off fee of £125.00 by the end of December.

Deposit of £40.00 to reserve your seat*.

Once you have paid your deposit we will give you a call to find out which free session you would like and which payment options you would prefer

Places are limited to just 10 students maximum so please book early to avoid disappointment.


The New Devon Clinic, 55, Hyde Road, Paignton, Devon, TQ4 5BP

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*Deposit is non-refundable unless under exceptional circumstances

Train to be a hypnotist in Devon | Hypnotist Training

Train to be a hypnotist.

Could you hypnotise anyone – anywhere?

Train to be a hypnotistI spoke to someone who had train to be a hypnotist the other day, they didn’t know what I did for a living so I asked them what hypnosis felt like. Well – I was given a very nice business card, told that I would have some relaxing music played whilst I lay down on a couch and they would talk to me in a very calming and relaxing voice. “Do I have to be relaxed?” I asked – “Oh yes” they said “And you need to be able to visualise as well…”

What a load of old baloney ………….. Give me a corner of a room and a few minutes be it in a pub or an office and I will be able to hypnotise the vast majority of people within a few minutes.

I have been in the hypnotherapy business for over 12 years now and have a wide range of diplomas and certificates ranging from CBT through to NLP and of course Hypnotherapy. So why teach others? Is it for the money?
Well, no it’s very little to do with the money to be honest.  You see despite having literally dozens of  Diploma’s and Certificates there are only 6 or 7 are really worth anything in my opinion.  I have been on training courses where the students have come to me to ask questions rather than the trainer which was both awkward and embarrassing not just for me but the trainer too.   However, there’s probably a reason why people made that choice……positive

The problem with so many training courses is that they just don’t teach you to train to be a hypnotist i.e. the hypnosis part of hypnotherapy which is a bit odd considering that hypnotherapy is essentially therapy whilst in hypnosis.

Equally there are some trainers will concentrate on the hypnosis and have very little idea on the therapy side of things. Getting someone into hypnosis is essential but is only a part of the story.  Think about an operation in a theatre for example, the hypnosis is the incision, it needs to be in the right place and to the right depth, the main work goes on inside that incision – that’s the therapy. The skills that I teach are getting the incision in the correct place, doing the work and repairing the wound.

Some schools will tell their pupils that they will earn mega-bucks and it’s all about the money, they make promises such as seeing 30 – 40 clients p.w. every week – really??
Think about it, not all clients can make daytime appointments due to work commitments so a lot of clients prefer weekends and evenings, sessions are around an hour with (if run ethically) an allowance for any run over time, add to that time to make notes, write letters etc. Oh then of course there’s things like marketing, consultations, CPD, supervision, business planning etc.

In the long run it’s up to you to decide if:hypnotherapy training

  • You want to become a full blown hypnotherapist.
  • You want to do this for a living.
  • If you want to do this out of a deep desire to help others.
  • If you want to check out to see whether it’s for you before committing to a full-blown course.

If you answered yes to all those questions then perhaps we could have a chat?
If you want to know how to hypnotise people then why not give me a call, I’ve already said this isn’t about the money which is why I offer low cost courses, some starting as low as just £25.00

  • There are one day self hypnosis classes here.
  • Weekend courses are available here
  • Details of the full Diploma are available here

If you want to know more please either give us a call on 01803 500300 and ask for Chris or simply fill out the form below.

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