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What is your definition of perception and can you change it?

Perception is the way we view things.hypnotherapy training | perception

So what does perception have to do with me? Well everything really … it’s the way we see the world. We may see it completely differently to others and vice versa. We all suffer from thinking errors and sometime these can really mess us about and change the way we perceive ourselves, others and the world in general.

For example, some people may say that they ‘always’ get stuck in the wrong queue at the supermarket, this is a classic example of what is known as ‘all or nothing thinking’. The truth is that they don’t always get in the wrong queue but because that’s their perception they notice it more when they do and ignore it when they get in the fastest queue, or they dismiss it as a stroke of luck or they say ‘it’s about time’. These perceptions are primarily negative and therefore begin to create a negative outlook on life, again making it difficult to see the positives.

The good news is that it’s OK to change your perception and with practice relatively easy…

How? I hear you ask. Surely my perception is my reality?
Perception can be changed by asking yourself if you are seeing the world as it really is? Asking yourself if perhaps there is a different way of looking at things. I teach one day classes in self hypnosis. The self hypnosis part is easy. However, the more classes I’ve taught the more I realise that I’m effectively teaching how to perceive things differently, whether its about themselves or the world.

Please take a look at the clip below to see how people perceive things differently.


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Hypnotherapy Training

Have you ever thought about hypnotherapy Training? hypnotherapy training

5 Reasons to become a Hypnotherapist

  • Job satisfaction is the first….. Often clients come to a hypnotherapist as a last result.  Imagine the feeling a hypnotherapist gets when a person regains control and hope in their lives and thanks you for changing not only their lives but the lives of those connected to them who benefit from seeing their relative change their outlook from negative to positive.
  • Enabling someone to overcome their obstacles and make positive steps forward makes you as a therapist proud at what you have achieved.
  • Effectively you are self-employed so you make all your own decisions including working to your own time scale. No one tells you what to do and when and you could specialise in certain areas of interest.
  • Hypnosis is a great adjunct to many career paths including nursing, counselling, teaching etc.
  • Financially independent and can begin making money right away. Payment is between £50-£150 in some cases and Start-up costs can be relatively low as you can work from home, do home visits or join a clinic.
  • Joy and satisfaction of having your own business and a good reputation.
Hypnotherapy Training
Chris Fleet Hypnotist

5 reasons to train with the Devon School of Hypnotherapy

  • Experience – Your trainer, Chris has been a hypnotherapist since 2002 and in full time practice since 2004 seeing up to 30 clients a week in his successful clinic.
  • PTLLS – Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. Chris has completed teacher training in order to be able to deliver high quality and well thought out hypnotherapy training programmes all designed to give you the best possible start.
  • Understanding – Chris began his career in hypnotherapy after a loved one became emotionally ill so has a deep understanding of the problems many people face in life. His own history is quite colourful so has been through quite a lot himself and can usually understand where people are coming from
  • Down to earth – Chris is a bricklayer by trade this means that he is no nonsense and down to earth. He doesn’t bother with wishy-washy techniques and teaches recognised and effective techniques.
  • Easy payment plans – Apart from one day courses which are very cheap anyway all hypnotherapy training courses can be paid for by instalments.


5 motrainingre reasons to train with the Devon School of Hypnotherapy

  • Experience, after 13 years in practice Chris has come across all sorts from those that are very easily hypnotised through to those that are much more of a challenge.
  • Chris undertakes regular hypnotherapy training each year believing it is imperative to keep increasing his skills. As a leading hypnotherapist his vast amount of knowledge, depth and expertise enriches the learning experience of any student.
  • We emphasize friendly, personalised attention in an intimate, supporting setting
  • Many past students are making a successful and rewarding living as hypnotherapists.
  • Practice sessions, Chris encourages practice sessions in the clinic outside of classroom hours and is usually on hand to give advice and help

Do you know people who say “It’s impossible”?

How many times do you say “It’s impossible”?

Let me tell you a true story about a client of mine who thought that almost everything she tried was impossible. I’ve changed the clients name because she may get embarrassed by the praise I’m about to give her so let’s call her Doreen.

Doreen came to see me over a year ago now, she was in a huge rut, nothing ever went right for her, the job centre were trying to push her into any old job even though she has a degree. Her history was that of a very tough childhood and wayward teenage years. Her favourite word (and my least favourite word) was ‘impossible’. “It’s impossible, I can’t do it.” Seemed to be her favourite expression.positive

The poor woman was so tense and scared of life that sometimes she couldn’t even breathe properly. She would quite often stay in bed all morning until lunchtime just because she had nothing to do. It’s probably fair to say that she was a mess. Now when people think something is impossible it quite often becomes so. I tried all sorts of techniques, progressive relaxation didn’t work because in her mind it was ‘impossible’ for her to relax. I tried rapid inductions, snap or shock inductions, the lot. It didn’t work because it was ‘impossible’ in her mind.

I don’t like to charge for things that I don’t deliver so  she was getting reduced and often free sessions which wasn’t the best move on my part – but that’s for another blog another day.

One day I tried another technique, I explained that we weren’t going to do any hypnosis, any visualisation (because that was impossible too) in fact all we were going to do was use her imagination. “But I don’t have any imagination.” she cried. I was ready for this and explained that if she could imagine things going horribly wrong for her (which she often did) then she did have imagination and plenty of it.

And so the transformation began, we imagined a beach (corny I know, but hey-ho). She imagined going for a swim in the sea, it was as though she could breathe underwater and she followed the sea bed, deeper and deeper, and deeper still. Everything was calm and relaxed, and still …….

impossibleAs the session progressed we did some convincers to let both her and I know that she was in a state of hypnosis and further sessions went swimmingly (excuse the pun).

A friend of mine needed someone to help out once or twice a week in his office so I suggested that maybe Doreen did this, initially she said it was impossible, she couldn’t do it, but then she began to help out as a volunteer. When the job centre told her she had to take a cleaning job or face having her benefits cut she worked for him twice a week. He is so grateful for Doreen’s help that rarely a week goes by when he doesn’t thank both her and I, she is now not only an integral part of his team but Doreen has another paid role elsewhere, if anything she has got too busy recently.

Doreen still pops along now and again for a top up but guess what?  She’s not said the “I” word to me for a long, long time now. Because the truth is that things may be hard but they’re rarely completely impossible.

What is a hypnotic gastric band ??

With healthy eating regimes failing drastically people are thinking about a hypnotic gastric band.

The question is what is a hypnotic gastric band and how does it work?

More than that does a hypnotic gastric band work?

I’ll try to answer those questions as best as possible.

The mind can be so incredibly powerful to the extent that it causes physical changes. To some that may sound like a bold statement but in reality it’s easy to prove.

healthy eatingLook at someone who is scared for example, their heart rate increases, their palms sweat, pupils will dilate, their mouth goes dry (there’s perfectly normal reasons for this explained elsewhere on this site).

However can we convince someone that they have a stomach the size of a golf ball? Let’s face it, that’s a pretty tall order – it might be easy to do for a while – but what happens when they eat something the size of a cricket ball? Have you ever been head over heels in love and believe everything the other person says – only to find out they’re lying? If you have been that unfortunate then you will know that you then begin to doubt everything they ever told you. Well the hypnotic gastric band can be a bit like that if you get the wrong person doing it.

I went to a training course in hypnotic gastric band -ing. To me it was a waste of a day and several hundred pounds – although I did get CPD points for it so something came out of it.

The theory that this particular school taught is that you treat the client – sorry patient in this instance – as if they were going into hospital for a gastric band fitting, so the first thing you do is take their money. The second thing is to then tell them to come back when they’ve lost weight so that the liver will shrink – yup, they come in for weight loss and you tell them to come back when they’ve lost weight!
You then explain about healthy eating, this bit is fine although in my experience if someone is coming to see a hypnotherapist for weight loss they probably know more about diet and nutrition than the therapist because they’ve tried all the conventional means already.
You then explain how the gastric band works and all the possible side effects – that too is fine. You show them how much food they would be able to fit into a stomach the size of a golf ball – which isn’t much – some people will be motivated by this but I should imagine most would be horrified.compulsive eating

Then in the final session we get to do some hypnosis, you imagine going to the hospital, seeing the consultant and going into the operating theatre. The trainer at one point turned up in a white lab coat with a stethoscope around their neck – it was all I could do not to laugh out loud. They then went on to say that they poked the client with a pen 4 times around their abdomen and told them they were having key-hole surgery…

Now I am good at what I do – not a boast, just a fact – and if I started doing that to people I would feel a fraud and if I felt I was a fraud then what would the client think?

I have been practicing hypnotic weight loss for 12 years now with huge success rates, I don’t need to spray TCP round the room and poke people with pencils. What’s more people are paying to be hypnotised so they get what they pay for – hypnosis! Not everyone can be hypnotised so why take somebody’s money only to find out at the very end that you can’t hypnotise them?

So why do I advertise hypnotic gastric band then?

Well it is popular and great marketing – that’s the honest truth. However, I offer a free initial consultation where I explain all the above in detail and then go onto explain what i do for hypnotic weight loss.Train to be a hypnotist

  • Teach mindfulness – all too often we eat mindlessly wolfing our food down without tasting it properly
  • Teach the basics of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) this teaches us to think about the way we think.
  • Teach people to tell the difference between hunger for food, a craving for food or a desire for food
  • Use a combination of encouragement and aversion therapy in hypnosis
  • Use parts therapy (a part of me wants to do one thing another part wants to do something else) to work out what it is that drives us to eat.
  • Use direct suggestion therapy (you feel more full and satisfied with smaller quantities of food)
  • Use stress management techniques if required
  • Teach self hypnosis.

The results over the last 12 years have been fantastic – not 100% but nothing really is.

Consultations are always free and can be a real eye opener.

If you want to learn more about how you can use hypnosis for weight loss give us a call on 01803 500300 or fill out the form below.

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Sat Nav for the Soul


Have you ever heard people say any of the following?

“I’m a really positive person but nothing ever works for me.”
“I always get in the wrong queue at supermarkets.”
“My life is rubbish (or words to that effect)”
“Why does this always happen to me?”

Some people talk about The Law of Attraction ie the more you believe something is going to happen the more you attract that from the ‘Universe’.

I’m a very pragmatic person and don’t necessarily buy into this whole stuff about our thoughts making cosmic powers attract positive or negative things towards us BUT……. That doesn’t mean the Law of Attraction doesn’t exist – far from it.

Have you ever been in a position where you are thinking about buying a new car or a new jacket for example? Perhaps you have already been to see similar either in person or online. If this is the case then the chances are you will suddenly begin to notice similar cars or jackets all over the place?
Does this mean that the world is suddenly full of new cars and jackets? No of course not but it does mean that you are much more aware of them.

Let’s take a look at some of the above statements:

“I’m a really positive person but nothing ever works for me.” I would quite happily reckon that this person posts up lots of positive quotes on facebook like live life to the full and the like but spends most of their time looking for things to go wrong. And therefore notices the things that go wrong – that way their “I’m really positive but…” statement becomes true – to them. The reality is that actually lots of good things might be happening but they’re too busy looking out for the bad that they don’t notice the good, or take the good for granted so therefore don’t acknowledge it or be grateful for it.

“I always get in the wrong queue at supermarkets.” – Really? How true is that statement then? Is that a fact or do you just ignore the times when you get to the quickest queue in the supermarket.

“My life is rubbish” Hmmmm, I bet that when this person is challenged about that statement they realise that it isn’t always that rubbish, it’s just that they focus on the negatives and ignore the positives.

“Why does this always happen to me?” It probably doesn’t, not 100% of the time….

So what can we do about it?

It’s easy really we begin to focus on what we do want. I can explain in greater detail during one of our one day seminars but effectively begin to list the things you DO want and when they arrive be grateful. It doesn’t need to be earth shatteringly amazing, it could be something like getting in the quickest queue at the supermarket. If it doesn’t happen then perhaps mentally shrug and wait for the next time. But when it does happen make a mental note of it, be grateful. You don’t have to send your gratitude out to the universe unless you really want to. Just be grateful and guess what … the more grateful you are the more you’ll notice the good things and shrug off the bad. Unless of course you have a mantra of “I’m always grateful but ……” in which case you’re still noticing the ‘but’ more than anything else ……

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Self Awareness Days

Mind Works

What is a self awareness day?

Are you wondering what self awareness days are all about? Okay, let’s have a look….

First of all it’s an extremely interesting day and we try to make it as much fun as possible too. That’s the main thing. It is fun… and it is informative. By the mid morning break you will already have your own mind opened to how your own mind works. It’s pretty amazing really. Just like your mind is!

Following on from there, you will start to explore some of the most common thinking errors which we all make. And yes, we all make them so there is no need to be hard on yourself. How many times have you spent hours thinking ‘wouldn’t it be awful if……’ Through this course you will learn how to rationalize negative thoughts and ‘all or nothing’ thinking.

And can you imagine having someone on your shoulder nagging you or giving you a hard time, all of the time? Yes, you would son get fed up with it wouldn’t you? Yet when we do it for ourselves (and we all do!) we just accept it. This inner dialogue is then reflected in our behaviour, but through the course you will learn how to recognise your own nagging voices and how to change how you react to them.

So what sort of people come along for the day?

Well people probably just like you! People from all backgrounds and all walks of life who want to improve the way they look at their life.

It is such an excellent, value-for-money day. You will have fun, meet new people, and go away feeling enlightened and empowered.  And what’s more, if you are interested in becoming a full time hypnotherapist, this is the perfect starting place to discover this fascinating discipline.

Want to find out more…. look at our next course coming up here 


Hypnotherapy Training Offer From New Devon School of Hypnotherapy

A very special hypnotherapy training offer especially for you

We would like to offer you a very special Early Bird offer on our Certificate Course in January

During the weekend of the 24th and 25th of January 2015 the New Devon School of Hypnotherapy will be training you how to learn hypnosis.

Reserve your place today and get either a free hypnotherapy session with Chris, a free massage or a free laser-Lipo session with one of our resident masseurs on either a Wednesday or a Friday.

We require a deposit of £40.00 to reserve your seat then either 3 monthly payments of £48.33 or if you prefer to get the early bird discount a single payment of £125.00 by the end of December.

Mind WorksWhat will you learn?

  • How to use the the main types of inductions, progressive, rapid and instant
  • How to use hypnosis to help others.
  • Whether you think you have it in you to become a hypnotherapist?
  • A further insight into hypnosis and the hypnotic phenomena.
  • How to hypnotise (almost) anyone, (almost) anywhere.
  • What to do when people won’t go under hypnosis.

If any of the above seems of interest to you then just fill out the contact form below and book your place.


The full cost of the weekend course is £185.00 and is payable in 3 installments a down-payment of £40.00 ensures your place on the course and then 3 monthly installments of £48.33 to finish payment. Alternatively you can save £20.00 by paying a deposit of £40.00 and then a one off fee of £125.00 by the end of December.

Deposit of £40.00 to reserve your seat*.

Once you have paid your deposit we will give you a call to find out which free session you would like and which payment options you would prefer

Places are limited to just 10 students maximum so please book early to avoid disappointment.


The New Devon Clinic, 55, Hyde Road, Paignton, Devon, TQ4 5BP

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*Deposit is non-refundable unless under exceptional circumstances

Hypnosis and Gardening

Hypnosis and gardening have a lot in common.

hypnosis and gardeningThe other day I was up at our little plot of land at near the Haldon Hills in Devon – we call it “Our Piece of Heaven in Devon”

I had just put the horses away, lit the fire-pit and sat watching the sunset over Dartmoor. I began to think how lucky I really was. We had just eaten a completely organic meal grown out of our garden and were playing silly games with our daughter.  Not bad for a North London lad who had certainly seen the underbelly of society on more than a few occasions – but that’s another story.

Then, whilst wandering down to pick some fruit for a snack I realised that actually luck had very little to do with it at all.

I chose to leave my London environment for the Devon life, many people thought I was daft for coming down to Torquay, I didn’t have a penny to my name or a job or anything but it was my choice – not luck.ponies

Looking at the stables I began working out how many blocks would be needed to rebuild the back wall. Again I thought how lucky I was to have the skill-set to do such a thing. Well actually no that wasn’t luck either. I started my working life as a diesel fitter in a factory and hated it with a vengeance so I went into the building trade as a hod-carrier, from there I put myself through training both at college and on site to become a qualified bricklayer – that wasn’t luck, it was hard and often painful work. Now many years later I run a successful hypnotherapy practice and help people make some really positive changes in their lives so that’s quite lucky – or is it? I train people to Diploma standard in the art and science of hypnotherapy so that’s not bad – again I worked hard at it – it wasn’t luck by any stretch of the imagination.

So what about our beautiful bit of Heaven in Devon? Surely we are lucky to have such a wonderful spot? Well actually that wasn’t luck either, we didn’t win the lottery or get given it, my wonderful partner Carol and I stretched ourselves and took the plunge financially. Our vegetable patch used to be an old muck heap that had become overgrown with weeds, brambles and stinging nettles. We (well Carol mainly) cultivated it and turned it into a beautiful patch where our daughter can eat healthily. No luck their either, just hard work and determination. We planted seeds, we nurtured them and encouraged them to grow. Like it says in the bible ….. “for whatever one sows, that will he also reap” – just like hypnotherapy really. Whatever you say to yourself, whether it be positive, negative, authoritarian, angry, sad or just plain boring that is the internal message you are giving yourself.  It really is all about perspective.  Is there luck in the world? Well I think that there is, I also think that we have a lot more control over our own destiny than we may realise, we just need to change our perspective….

key to the mind

Hypnotherapy training – top tips to choose your trainer.

Hypnotherapy training can take on many guises

Sometimes trainers focus on a way to teach people to relax, some people go deeper (please excuse the pun) and teach how to use regression techniques. Some schools such as The New Devon School of Hypnotherapy will teach all the techniques at their disposal and do lots of practical work whilst some others may concentrate on theory – but who should you go with? We have listed a rough guide of what to look for in a trainer.

hypnotherapy training

  1. Experience – Your trainer needs to be experienced, if they have only had a couple of years as a hypnotherapist the chances are they didn’t see many clients and have gone into training because they couldn’t make it as a therapist. Ideally your trainer will have spent at the very least 7 – 8 years in practice before going into training.
  2. Qualifications – What qualifications does your trainer possess? Do they have qualifications in teaching for example? How many training courses have they been on themselves? We have heard stories of trainers that have only ever been on one training course and have then gone on to teach from what they gleaned from that – it’s a bit like Chinese whispers..what does hypnosis feel like
  3. Ethics – Why did your trainer become a hypnotherapist in the first place? Let’s face it, it’s hardly the kind of thing that you put down as a career option at school. Did your prospective trainer decide it would be a good way to make money or do they have a deeper understanding of the therapeutic process?
  4. Background – Is your trainer down to earth or a high flying intellectual? Some people may find a highly intellectual approach is simply intimidating whilst others may prefer that type of trainer, some people prefer a down to earth trainer who keeps things much simpler though – the choice is yours.
  5. Cost – There are many courses out there, some as much as £1,000 per day some for peanuts. It’s usually best to see if there are easy payment plans, whether they are interest free or if there are early bird discount schemes or even options for reduced payment if paying up-front.

If you want to know more about hypnotherapy training take a look at



Perception. What is it?

A brief chat about what perception is and how our perception of ourselves can affect our life



As a much younger man I used to kick a football around on a regular basis, I thought I was quite good, that was my perception!

I then found out the painful way that I wasn’t good enough to make it at a decent level.


To say that I was gutted would have been an understatement of mammoth proportions, so what did I do as a young sixteen year old? Well I stopped playing football, I stopped watching football but above all I changed my perception of myself, I decided that I was useless. I decided I was rubbish not just at football but I kept finding reasons to berate myself, to tell myself I was no good.

As the years went by I began to take an interest in football again, and then to begin to play again (I still have a weekly kick around). I realised that I may not have been good enough to be a pro but I had plenty of other attributes and I love the game (when played properly – but that’s another story).

It wasn’t being big headed or arrogant but a natural self-belief based on facts rather than perception. In many ways I’d practiced CBT on myself without even realising it.

It may be that you detest football but if any part of this story resonates with you then why not give me a call on 01803 500300 and let’s see what we can do to change your perception.

Contact Chris Fleet

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